About us


About us

We are a Tech Company that works closely with carriers in Latin America, focused on the creation of Value Added Services. We provide daily entertainment content, information, marketing and productivity tools for millions of mobile phone users. Located in Argentina, Intertron Mobile has offices in the cities of Buenos Aires and C�rdoba.


Our Services

Founded in 2003 with the vision to provide next-generation applications, we have been pioneers in the development of this industry, working with companies that provide mobile telephony services, phone Manufacturers and leading content provider companies. Some of our services are: Integration Services with Billing Platforms, Platform for downloading content, Messaging platform (SMS, MMS and RCS), Mobile Marketing Solutions, Mobile Advertising y Mobile Commerce, Development of Mobile Applications for different operating systems.


Our Clients

Our main customers include carriers, financial entities, media, governments, mass consumer companies and utility companies.


Integration services

We offer connectivity with the main companies providing mobile communications services in Latin America, with a platform that allows the implementation of all existing Value Added Services that has the flexibility to be able to incorporate new services to the extent that technology allows.

Rich Communication Services

"Enriched messages, SMS evolution". We are Google's Partners to implement this new technology that enables our clients a better interaction and engagement with their customers.

Messaging Platform and "Content download"

Our SMS, MMS and RCS platform is prepared to perform any of the typical business models and services for the mobile industry, including Interactivity, Subscriptions, One Time Payments, Mobile Marketing, Bulk SMS, etc., providing to our customers a wide range of customized reports that are critical for their business management.

Mobile Apps

We have an experienced Android Apps development team on Android, IOS, Blackberry y Windows Phone.

Mobile Marketing solutions & M-Commerce

We implement Marketing campaigns and Mobile Commerce through cell phones.

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